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February 13, 2013

It's Time to Do More...Now!

This morning the folks at Do.com, the collaboration platform from Salesforce.com built for the way small businesses work, announced their Do More ecosystem of apps that integrate with Do providing users with a more efficient way to get their work done.

According to Do, you'll now be able to use the following apps with Do.com to:

  • Market to current and future customers: Engage with prospects and customers through Wufoo online forms - the filled out forms automatically become contacts, deals and tasks in Do.
  • Sell to customers: Contactually automatically creates Do Contacts for people and prospects you Do-com-logo interact with via email. It also creates reminders and Do tasks so you can follow up with the right people at the right time.
  • Share files with customers: Sharing content with customers with Dropbox and Google Drive. All it takes is one click directly within Do to circulate content and materials 
  • Collaborate with customers: Do Chat enables real-time collaboration on projects and tasks directly within Do.
  • Bill your customers: Harvest on Do makes time tracking painless. Click on the clock within a specific Do task to quickly log your hours for a specific customer
  • Service your customer: Link Salesforce Desk.com, the leading service cloud for small businesses, with your Do account to handle customer service issues quickly and collaboratively to give your customers the best experience possible. 

By making it easier for small business folks who use a number of these popular services within the context of the collaborative platform, Do should make their 100K users more likely to spend more time collaborating and less time app switching.  And by syncing data from these apps through Do, users won't have to go through the "data dance" of making sure they are working with the right information - which is really huge not only from a efficiency standpoint, but also an accuracy perspective.

Do-more-2It's a nice mix of efficiency (Harvest, Dropbox, Google Drive) and relationship building (Contactually, Desk.com, Chat) enablement that makes for a good start to their "marketplace".  I had a chance to check out the Contactually integration with Do and was really impressed with the level of cohesiveness achieved between the two apps.  I haven't had an opportunity to check out the other Do More integrations but if they all are done at the level of the Contactually one this will really make Do an attractive tool small businesses will gravitate towards to get things done.

It will be interesting to see how quickly Do will be able to add partners to the program.  I like that we're seeing integrations between the apps Salesforce acquired (Do.com was acquired from ManyMoon and Desk.com was originally Assistly), and also apps from other vendors.  

A few years ago a lot of folks were questioning whether Salesforce.com was starting to leave SMBs behind in their quest to go big game hunting in the enterprise space - OK I was one of questioners.  But over the last couple of years they have really refocused their efforts, and Do More is just another indication this. Let's hope they keep it up! 


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