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May 09, 2012

Getting the Big Picture on a Small Budget

I wrote my first post for Yahoo! Small Business Advisor yesterday on the challenges of using the myriad of disparte online marketing tools and tactics to build customer relationships today.  I mean trying to get the full picture of how successfully a small biz (or any for that matter) is using all this stuff in order to "win friends and influence people" in the age of SoLoMo.  

This came about after checking out Yahoo!'s new free marketing dashboard that integrates with Constant Contact, Orange Soda (SEM/SEO/PPC management), Google Analytics and a few other services to provide a high level view of how your marketing initiatives are helping (or hurting) the cause. The dashboard pulls in campaign activities (email, SEM, SEO, etc), website activity, and local visibility info (review sites, local blogs, directories, etc) into a single high level view.  It also includes the ability to manage your company's online reputation - and see how your marketing activities may be impacting it.

Some of the services call for the premium editions that costs a few bucks a month, as well as being customers of Constant Contact and Orange Soda. But the functionality is pretty nice - even at the free dashboard level.

So if you have a chance please check out Using the Big Picture to Keep Up with Today's Customer.  But you may also want to check out the free marketing dashboard and see if it's worth your while to try out.  



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