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February 04, 2011

Zuora's Tien Tzuo Discusses Life in the Subscription Economy

"Think about your business, not in terms of how many transactions you can have or how many products you can ship, but as a collection of customers-high-value customers, medium-value customers, low-value customers-and find ways to drive customer loyalty to drive repeat purchases, drive greater revenues and build a sustainable business."

These are the words of Tien Tzuo, CEO and founder of Zuora, a leader in cloud-based billing and payment subscription management. I've know Tien since his days as Chief Strategy Officer at Salesforce.com, and have always found him to be one of the smartest folks in the industry. Which is the main reason I've been highly interested in his evangelism of the Subscription Economy - where companies "servitize" their product-centric organizations to provide ongoing services we subscribe to.

Tien was gracious enough to join me for my series of One on One conversations over at SmallBizTrends.com. If you want to get a glimpse for where things are heading, and how to successfully prepare to compete in the Subscription Economy. You can use this link to check it out. There's an audio portion as well as a transcript of our conversation.

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