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May 12, 2010

Lithium's Phil Soffer talks about the Scout Labs Acquisition

Yesterday community platform vendor Lithium Technologies announced it was buying social media monitoring service provider Scout Labs, which sent the Social CRM world into overdrive with conversation... and rightfully so. The move makes a lot of sense from my perspective, as social listening, analytics and community development are a few of the hot topics in the space right now. So Lithium's purchase gives them an opportunity to integrate a few key pieces that are definitely "top of mind" at the moment - and for the foreseeable future.

Here a few links to some nice write-ups from around the web that give great insight to what this means to Lithium (and Scout Labs), and to the Social CRM space:

I recently had Lithium's VP of Product Marketing Phil Soffer as a guest on TFBS to talk about the acquisition, what it means to Lithium's customers, and how the two technologies will be brought together. You can check out the conversation by clicking the by using the player below, or by clicking here to download the mp3 file.

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