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February 07, 2010

A Few Minutes TechCrunch Co-editor Erick Schonfeld

It was a sad day when Business 2.0 magazine folded up a few years ago. It was definitely one of my favorite mags. But before it closed its doors I had a chance to have then B2.0 editor-at-large Erick Schonfeld on my show to talk about their list of 50 people who matter most in social media. Come to think of it it's kinda fun to look back at that list and see how influential the people are now, but I digress...

I really enjoyed having Erick on as we had a great time with him. Although I was not happy to hear of the demise of B2.0, I was very happy when Michael Arrington announced that Erick was joining TechCrunch as its co-editor back in September of 2007. So while it had been some time since his last appearance, last week I finally had the opportunity to have Erick back on the show to pick his brain on what's going in technology today.

One thing about Erick is he's a prolific writer, so I decided to have him expound on "a few" of the articles he wrote last week on TechCrunch, including:

I have to admit the Twitter follower story - about them being worth less than a penny - really caught my attention as I was writing my own Twitter follower rant seemingly at the same time Erick wrote his article. (To hear the audio version of that rant check out my conversation with eCommerce expert John "Colderice" Lawson over on his blog.)

Also Erick's take on why Amazon has to fight Apple tooth and nail for the eReader market is really interesting. In fact, the whole conversation with him is great, and definitely worth a listen.

Click the player below to hear the conversation, or click here to download the mp3. A big thanks goes out to Erick for sharing his time to do this!

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