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January 28, 2010

Ten MORE Minutes with Ramon Ray - Mobile Commerce, Texting While Driving & Grouply over Google Groups

I spend another quick ten minutes with SmallBizTechnology.com's Ramon Ray to kick around a few tools and tips that could impact how we do build relationships and do business today. We cover a lot of ground in ten minutes, including:

  • New GPS-enabled software called proTextor, blocks incoming and outgoing text messages and phone calls while your vehicle is in motion. The software sends all phone calls directly to voice mail and protextor.jpgall texts are logged when the vehicle is traveling over a preset speed. We go back and forth on if we need this kind of service to save us from ourselves, but also touch on the positive way texting impacts our lives, like the way we used texting to help Haiti.
  • A cool story about not blaming the market "if your business model sucks".
  • How you can use Grouply.com to migrate from a Yahoo or Google groups (and the archives) and create your own web site, with powerful applications and membership tools. Also discuss Twubs.com - a tool to turn your Twitter hashtag conversations into real communities - Accidental Communities. grouply_beta_logo.gif
  • With the arrival on Google's Nexus One mobile phone it's easy to get wrapped in the device, but don't forget about looking into support and service before buying.
  • The growing importance of Mobile Commerce - like the fact that people buy something from ebay every 2 seconds...from their mobile devices.

Use the player below to hear the conversation, or click here to download the mp3 file.

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