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December 22, 2009

CRM Year in Review/Preview: A #SCRM Conversation with Ginger Conlon and Josh Weinberger

It's been a little over two years since Michael Thomas (CRM expert and national president of the CRM Association) and I had Paul Greenberg on Technology for Business Sake to talk about something called social crm. It was the first of the CRM round-table conversations I recorded for the show. And after listening to this I just realized the seeds of The CRM Playaz came from this show.

In 2008 I had an opportunity to host another round-table conversation on the state of CRM with an all-star gang of experts, including Ginger Conlon (Editor-in-chief of 1to1 Media), CRM magazine columnist Marshall Lager, and former AMR research director Rob Bois. It was one of my favorite shows ever for both great insights and great conversation.

I had to keep it going in 2009 so a few months ago I got a bunch of the #scrm accidental community (AC) members together to shoot the stuff about social crm. Prem Kumar Aparanji, Mitch Lieberman, Brian Vellmure and Esteban Kolsky shared some great stuff - making it another favorite of mine.

And with the holiday season in full swing I received an early present - the opportunity to have two of my favorite magazine editors join me for a rapid-fire year in review/preview round-table conversation. Ginger Conlon of 1to1 Media joins me again, and she teams up this time with CRM magazine's managing editor Josh Weinberger. Ginger and Josh share their important and expert opinions on what the biggest industry development of 2009 was, how the economy impacted CRM usage, and the role CRM will play in leading business out of it. They also tell us if Social CRM is more myth than reality, what roles vendors and customers are playing to develop it, and what needs to be done for it to help companies successfully engage the socially-empowered customer. Finally, Ginger and Josh both share predictions for 2010. Josh threw one out there that totally shocked me, but after thinking about it I could actually see it happening. But you'll have to listen to here it.

You can here the 15-minute conversation by clicking on the player below, or by downloading the mp3 file by clicking here. And after hearing Ginger and Josh's predictions, how about adding your prediction to what we'll all be talking about in 2010.

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