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June 24, 2009

Social CRM, Superstar?

Who could have seen this coming? I know I didn't back in 2007. I mean, it hasn't been that long ago when CRM was still considered a 4-letter word. But here I am sitting in Boston about to go on stage with the likes of Chris Brogan, Paul Greenberg, Michael Thomas and Frank Eliason? To talk about Social CRM? And we're being called.... Rock Stars???

I can't speak for anybody else here, but I'm no Prince. Who am I kidding, I'm not even Milli Vanilli. But it's true, thanks to the fine folks at Radian6. Social CRM has come a LONG way in a relatively short time. Don't get me wrong, we're still in the infancy stages, but it's really on the map and interest in this area seems to be growing exponentially. Which is why it was kind of ironic that I only heard CRM mentioned once during the first day of the Enterprise 2.0 conference also going on here this week. But the one who mentioned it was Jascha Franklin-Hodge of Blue State Digital, the technology folks behind BarackObama.com and MyBarackObama.com. In fact he said that CRM was the foundation for much of their social media success... not to mention the success of a little project I (and my colleague David Bullock) like to call Barack 2.0.

The campaign's success not only raised the interest in social media that drove Oprah (and others) to Twitter, but I think it's also a key driver in the interest in social CRM. And if you are even just a little curious about this stuff, maybe you should join me and the other Rockstars of Social CRM tonight at 8pm ET for a fun conversation with a great group of people.

To join in the festivities use this link: http://radian6rockstars.eventbrite.com/.

I'm still prepping for tonight's event. Check out my preparation materials:

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