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February 06, 2009

Fighting the Recession: Cutting Costs While Collaborating More Online

One of the things people are trying to do is survive the current recession. We're cutting back everywhere we can. And one of the first things to get cut is advertising and marketing. But many companies are in need of adding new customers in order to make it. So we're caught in this trap of needing to cut costs while trying to attract new customers.

What's funny about this (but not that funny) is that many small business folks that I get to speak to have sat in on webinars, webcasts and other kinds of web events, but have not yet hosted one of their own. The benefits of using these kinds of events to extend your reach and engage a wider audience, or to deepen an already developed relationship, are even more pronounced in this down economy.

I recorded my first conversation of the year with Bernardo de Albegaria - Citrix Online's VP & GM of Global Marketing - to talk about the benefits of hosting online events and the impact they can have on both the top and bottom lines in a recession. But another benefit became evident during our discussion - webinars and webcasts are also content that can help generate conversations long after the event takes place. More content, more engagement and potentially lower customer acquisition costs....

If you're looking for ways to reach more prospects during the recession you may want to look into the possibilities of hosting your own web events. Listen to this first to learn more:

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