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January 19, 2009

Social CRM Inside and Out - A Conversation with Oracle's Anthony Lye

Happy belated New Year and Happy MLK Day! Yeah it's been a while, but I'm glad to be back at it.

First and foremost thanks to all of you who commented, blogged, tweeted and emailed on my behalf with respect to my last post of 2008 - Plagiarism 2.0. And a very special thanks to my buddy Paul Greenberg for taking up my cause on his ZDNet blog post Social Plagiarism? Might Be, But SOOO Stupid. Many of you have been asking if there has been any kind of resolution to the issue. I'm planning to post on that at a later date, so stay tuned...

Anyways, it's 2009, and what better way to kick things off in the new year than to talk about... Social CRM! And one of the vendors that's at the forefront of what's going on here is Oracle. And Anthony Lye, Oracle's Senior VP of CRM, is heading up their charge in this area. I've had the pleasure of speaking with Anthony on a number of occasions, and wanted to get his definition of what social CRM is, how it impacts traditional CRM efforts, and what it will take to successfully integrate social media into CRM strategy. Anthony also talks about the importance of CRM in the face of the economic downturn we find ourselves in today. Anthony also discusses the importance of social meta-data, and what role vendors should play in integrating CRM with social media.

If you're interested in a vendor's perspective of Social CRM, check out the clip below:


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