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August 24, 2008

Socrates, Galileo, Voltaire, The Three Stooges, and Other Giants in Social Media History

I can't believe I went a whole week without blogging here. But I did push out my latest post over at Inc.com on Twittering your way to better business relationships. And I did roll out a few TFBS shows featuring Generation Blend author Rob Salkowitz, StartupNation co-founder Rich Sloan and Jigsaw CEO Jim Fowler. So is that enough excuses for you? Yeah I didn't think so...

Anyways it's another weekend, so we'll return the the crm stuff shortly - and this time I mean it! But in the meantime, being a huge history buff, I started thinking about folks in history whom I would have liked to have read their blog, listen to their podcast, or check out their YouTube video. When you think about it, how much easier would it have been if Paul Revere was on Twitter and could have just tweeted out "The British Are Coming!". How much faster would the news have gotten out than by him riding horseback? Better yet what if William Dawes, the other guy warning folks, had been on Twitter. He could have left the midnight ride to Paul and he could be the guy getting all the credit, instead of being relegated to historical obscurity. Well, at least he has Wikipedia keeping his name out there.

There are way to many folks who throughout history I would definitely subscribed to their feeds, but here are a few that represent the many:

  • Khufu - The Egyptian Pharaoh supposedly responsible for building the Great Pyramid at Giza. Man some YouTube videos showing how they built that thing would be great, mainly so I don't have to hear about how aliens from outer-space came down on a weekend and did this. This goes for Stonehenge to now that I think about it.
  • Queen Hapshetsut - the only female to rule Egypt as a male Pharaoh - 3,500 years ago! Rulers following her tried to wipe images of her existence out completely, but they couldn't do it. Could you imagine the blog posts she could put out there. Plus she could have included a picture of the Sphinx with the nose in tact so we could see what it looked like.
  • Moses - Now I hear he wasn't that great a public speaker so we'll fore-go the podcast and videos, but he could have set up a Facebook page for the Ten Commandments
  • Socrates - This is one guy you'd definitely need to podcast, since he didn't write anything. I'd go with a videocast as it would be cool to see him in action debating folks in a twebinar or something. I'd send in a "don't drink the hemlock" tweet though.
  • Aristotle - Forget about all the books he wrote. Quite honestly I'm not so sure he wrote all that himself. What I'm interested in is the daily lessons with Alexander the Great. Now sign me up for those tweets - Went over World Domination 101 today with @AtheG. He really seemed to enjoy this a little too much... I wonder what @plato would have done with this kid.
  • Apostle Paul - If ever someone could have taken advantage of social networking, Paul was the guy - that and air transportation. You know how many countries he visited? Man he definitely could used Facebook and MySpace to reach the masses.
  • St. Augustine - After reading The Confession, you know his blog would have been a must read
  • Machiavelli - Just imagine a podcast series from this guy.
  • Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, Botticelli, etc. - One word, FlickR
  • Nostradamus - Oh now you know there will be some great conversations going on in the comment section of his blog. And just imagine getting a tweet from this guy.
  • Galileo - Yeah the telescope is cool, and using math and science to prove Copernicus was right is big, but this guy went up against a pope...for a while. what was that like? His tweets would not have been for all to see.
  • Voltaire - This guy had a wicked sense of humor. Sign me up for the blog and the podcast.
  • Mozart - He'd have an unbelievable playlist on imeem - just made up of his stuff
  • Napoleon - Do I even have to say why? I didn't think so.
  • David Walker - A name not familiar to most, but after reading The Appeal I'd love to actually hear this guy, along with Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Martin Delaney, etc.
  • Orson Welles - I know he wrote, produced, directed and acted in movies, but I think we only got to see one of his movies the way he intended it to be - Citizen Kane. After that the movie execs would never let him do things completely his way. With the cheap technology and distribution channels available now I think he would have had a field day. Him and Oscar Micheaux.
  • The Stooges - Hey I need to laugh, and everybody I know with a Y chromosome diggs the Stooges. Just think how cool it would have been if they had a Ustream channel where we could text-in ways Moe could mutilate Larry and Curly. And to actually get a text message response Shemp explaining what it felt like to get slapped by Moe. Man I'd pay to see them practice that stuff, and to see outtakes of the carnage they put on each other.

Just think of how history would have been shaped if these kinds of folks had access to what we have now. It kind of makes you think what people in the future are going to think of us?

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