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July 06, 2008

Tales in Social CRM: Rapping SEO???

Who saw this coming? My latest column for Inc.com's technology site was on The Three A's of Social CRM - Automation, Analysis and Audacity. The following video is an example of the latter. Meet Chuck (not that Chuck), aka The SEO Rapper. Yup, you read correctly... SEO Rapper. And dude does look like Biggie, and a touch like Sir Mix-a-Little....but I digress...

Do I even have to explain why this is audatious? All you need to know is this video has been viewed over 300K times since March, has well over 500 comments and a 4.5 rating on over 1400 votes. Combining rapping with SEO isn't the traditional way of marketing your skills, but we're not in traditional times. Competition for hearts and minds, and attention, is fierce. So find new ways of engaging those you wish to, well, engage... In the immortal words (or sounds) of Grover Washington Jr., it's time to let it flow....

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