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July 21, 2008

Good Comments Can Lead to Great Conversations

This one is short and sweet. Sometimes what seems to be a small thing can turn into something pretty big. Unfortunately what seems to be a small thing can also turn into something that's overlooked.

A good comment can be as effective as a blog post, YouTube video, podcast, webinar, twebinar, or any other kind of content. That's right I said it - a comment is just as much a piece of web content as all the other kinds you can think of. So don't overlook the power of commenting. A good comment can lead to a good conversation, which could lead to some good collaborative experiences, which in turn can lead to some pretty cool relationships - business and/or otherwise.

This post was inspired by Zane Safrit. Zane posted the most flattering comment I've ever received on any of my blog posts. He left it on one of my guest posts on SmallBizTrends on committing audacious online acts. I hope Zane doesn't mind me lifting the quote for you to see it here:

An outstanding post. I share the sentiment of Sanjay, the first commenter. I read blogs all day long. And not many posts make me smile, bring a little bubble of happiness in me, are well-written, focused and…(drumroll) offer useful advice I can pursue today.

And, as a bonus, you wove in politics without being partisan, music without being elitist/obscure, and you touched on your own expertise w/o distracting from the greater message. Well-done.

And thanks!

Now how cool is that? With a few words, Zane made me feel great - absolutely awesome! And I've never spoken with Zane before in my life. But I hope to change that in the near future. See how a comment can lead to a conversation?

Anyways, short and sweet, just like I promised... just like a good comment.

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