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May 30, 2008

Wanna Give Paul Greenberg Some Help With CRM at the Speed of Light 4e?

My buddy Paul Greenberg is gearing up to write the fourth edition of his best selling CRM at the Speed of Light. Even Paul didn't think he'd be doing four editions of this book when he wrote the 1st edition almost eight years ago. So anyone who knows anything about CRM and the industry, knows this will be must read when it's available.

I am honored to be one of the people Paul has invited to contribute a couple pages for CRM-SOL (now I know why Paul never used this acronym for the book). Two other people who will contribute pages are CRM guru Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research, and Paul's brother Bob Greenberg, who heads up one of the leading homeland security consulting firms. I will be working on the chapter focusing on the SMB crowd, and looking forward to it!

Although Paul is limiting the number of contributing authors to a few, he is very much open to your help in shaping the direction of the book. In fact he has started a wiki that is geared to having as many people contribute ideas and suggestions as possible. If you are interested in being apart of what no doubt will be an important book in the industry, check out the CRM at the Speed of Light 4th Edition Wiki. Paul promises that any contribution or suggestion he receives from the wiki will be recognized in the book in some fashion.

In Paul's own words:

"I'm also willing to quote key folks in the book too - either you or people you know IF IT MAKES SENSE. This is wide open. CRM at the Speed of Light has been the best selling CRM book ever. This edition is going to break new ground because its devoted to CRM 2.0 and what it means in the new world of the social customer. So not only comprehensive but entirely cool. Style will matter as well as what always has - substance. Help me create it."

So get your contributions in before July 20th if you want to have a chance to be included in the book.

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