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February 19, 2008

It's Time : Podcasting For Business $ake

Blogger's Mic.jpgFrom time to time I do a segment on our show called From The Blogger's mic, because I view podcasting as verbal blogging to a certain extent. I've been podcasting for about 15 months or so and it's been a great experience. I re-purpose our radio show, Technology For Business $ake, into a downloadable show which a few people seem to like. It's been a cool way to have conversations on how technology can (and has) impact how small businesses compete, thrive and survive in today's marketplace. It's also allowed me and my co-host Michael Thomas to have interesting conversations with so many movers and shakers in the small business/technology/crm/social media industries. From best selling authors, executives at technology giants, social media leaders, and editors at many of the leading business publications. Here is just a short list of links to shows we've had with the following guests:

And we've been fortunate to have so many more people like those listed above to join us in fun conversations about the technology that small businesses folks should be aware of. But the most important thing about the show is that small business people seem to be getting something out of hearing our expert guests talk about issues they're addressing. And they are downloading our shows thousands of times each month. Plus the frequency of downloads is growing with every passing month.

I say all this because it's happening all over. eMarketer recently came out with a report that found 18.5 million people listened to podcasts in 2007, with 6.5 million of those folks being active listeners - downloading one or more podcasts a week. But these numbers will swell to 65 million listeners by 2012, with 25 million being active listeners.

Podcasting is becoming more popular to people because they can listen to content when they want and where they want. And this is key to those trying to get the attention of busy people, as you have to create good content in a way that makes it easier for people to consume it. So it may be time to consider adding podcasting to your marketing/pr toolkit.

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