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February 05, 2008

Blogger Relationship Management: Dan Perry, This Is YOUR Comment.....

Sorry for the lame reference to the old television show, but this "little ditty" does show the power of commenting. In one of my recent posts I talked about how Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends had a group of A-list marketers share one of their marketing secrets. She also invited anyone interested to add their secret in the comments section of the post. At last count there were 87 comments to that post.

Anyway I recently had Anita join me on Technology For Business $ake to talk about the impact of that post. While we were talking I had the post up and I was asking her questions about the responses from the A-listers. I also was checking out some of the comments and on the spur of the moment brought up one that I liked from Dan Perry on the importance of blogging. Anita and I both talked about the importance of blogging, and even had some fun at the expense of small business guru Gene Marks, who recently wrote a BusinessWeek article saying blogging was one of the ten tech things small businesses should avoid (check this post out to check out the conversation I had with Gene for our show).

So here's why you should take time to write good comments on popular blogs. Dan has Google Alerts set up on his name, and he received an email alert saying that his name was mentioned in a blog entry on SmallBizTrends.com. It turns out that Anita wrote an entry talking about the conversation she had with me on our show. In the post, Anita pointed out where we talked about Dan's one sentence comment, including a link to Dan's blog.

So Dan got pretty good mileage from that one sentence comment:

  • it was seen by a lot of people checking out Anita's original post
  • it was mentioned on the radio airwaves here in Atlanta
  • it was a part of the radio show's podcast that has been downloaded a few hundred times since Saturday
  • it was highlighted in Anita's follow up post, which included the actual conversation of us talking about it
  • it spawned a post on Dan's blog about this being his first mention on a radio show/podcast
  • it prompted a few people to congratulate him on both the Small Biz Trends site and his own blog
  • probably a number of click throughs to his blog
  • and it prompted me to post this

That's not too shabby for one timely, short, but nicely put sentence. Way to go Dan!

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