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January 21, 2008

Tales in Blogger Relationship Management: Advice from One Blogger to Another

My buddy and radio show co-host Michael Thomas recently entered the blogosphere with his blog Much To Do About CRM. I think he's off to a good start and ask people to check it out if you have an opportunity, and give him a little encouragement to keep at it. Anyone who has been blogging for any amount of time knows how discouraging it can be when you first start out, and can only count close family and friends among those who actually read what you put out there.

Because Michael is a good friend and has always been open to other people's advice, I thought I'd suggest some things to him that may be of use to other new bloggers as well. Michael wrote a good entry asking Is Diversity In Your Target Market. It was in response to a post on the 1to1 blog. So I clicked the link to the 1to1 post to check it out. It was interesting and it sparked a few responses in the comment section. Michael left the following:

Michael's comment.JPG

Pointing folks to your blog in a comment is something that people do all the time. It can definitely be a good way to get people to check it out. And because Michael is established in the CRM industry and well known to people frequenting the 1to1 blog, he'll probably get folks to click and check out what he had to say. But there are a whole lot of people checking out the 1to1 blog who probably don't know Michael, and won't be tempted to click the link just by saying "go to my blog".

It's always better to share a little of your opinion right there in your comment. That way you're giving the folks who are not familiar with you a reason to want to read more of your take on the subject. And in some cases, someone may mistake your comment for a spammer who is just trying to get you to a site by hook or crook. Especially when you point someone to a domain and not a permalink to the specific blog entry.

Just a few things to think about as you try to win friends and influence people on the web. With all that said, keep up the good work Mr. Thomas!

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