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January 05, 2008

Six Apart's David Recordon on Social Netwok Portability...and Touching Base with Mom in a Web 2.0 World

On our radio show, Technology For Business Sake, we recently had a great conversation with David Recordon of Six Apart. David is their tech lead on for open platforms. Six Apart is one of those unique companies working closely with Google on OpenSocial, as well as with Facebook Beacon. And David is their point person. So he has soon interesting things to say about where we are with social networking, and where we may be headed with it.

Now I really was in to the conversation around what's going in the social networking space, and how tools are being created to make it easier for us to get the most out of social networking experiences, but what really fascinated me was the second part of the conversation where my co-host (Michael Thomas) and I started asking David about how he uses the Web 2.0 tools. We asked him because in addition to being one of the most knowledgeable people on the subject, we wanted to get the perspective of someone who has literally grown up using this stuff... because David is all of 21 years old!

Now I'm not jealous....OK maybe a little bit, because I remember (barely) what I was doing when I was 21. And it wasn't speaking all over the world as a highly respected expert. I was trying to pass intermediate accounting and deciding if I should have a grilled cheese sandwich or fish sticks for dinner. But I digress..... Anyway we really enjoyed listening to David talk about how he uses social media to communicate not only with his peers, but also with his mother. It really gave me a different perspective on how Gen Y operates, and taught me quite a bit about what to expect in the not too distant future.

So below is the whole show for you folks to check out. It's broken into segments, and the last segment features the part of the conversation where we focus on David's use of social media with respect to communicating with his mother. And the opening segment features a short conversation about solopreneurship, and a rant I did about Stanley Burrell (aka MC Hammer) becoming self-proclaimed technology entrepreneur. Yes this rant was inspired by my earlier blog entry on the subject. If you'd rather download the show just click here. Enjoy!

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