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January 30, 2008

Should You Really Avoid Blogging, RSS, SEO, CRM and Everything Else I Write About?

We recently had small business guru Gene Marks on our radio program. Many of you may be familiar with his Penny Pincher's Almanac column that appears regularly in American City Business Journals (www.bizjournals.com). He also writes pieces for BusinessWeek.com and Forbes.com. And his recent BusinessWeek.com article is why we were interested in having him join us, since the subject was on the technology solutions small business should avoid. Just to name a few of the things Gene says to avoid, they include:

  • Blogging
  • CRM
  • Web 2.0
  • RSS
  • SEO

So basically all the stuff I talk about, speak on, read and write about. Needless to say we REALLY were interested in having a conversation with Gene. We actually ended up having a great time speaking with him as he was a lot of fun. But dude did use the term "dope" in the article, something I had to rag on him about even more than his choices of avoidable technologies. Anyway here it is below during the last segment, along with a great conversation with ZDNet's Phil Wainewright on why he feels SaaS will take of this year. Oh yeah also check out the first segment if you want to hear me rant about a jacked up email I received from some clown I met three years ago on a plane ride back from Miami.

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