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January 19, 2008

Passing the "Live Search" Test???

This one is for all my Microsoft buddies who always cringe when I mention how important it is for people to pass the Google Test when those needing help turn to their favorite search engine to find assistance. About six months ago I was interviewed for a Wells Fargo small business publication. It was for the cover story on Web 2.0 and small business. The reporter said they would send me a link to the article when it was available. So for the first few weeks I kept an eye out for it. I never heard from the reporter, and quite honestly can't even remember his (or her) name.

Anyway I figured I'd catch it when it showed up on one of the Google alerts I have set up on my name, company name, radio show, etc. But it didn't. Plus it never showed up when I Googled my name. So I just forgot about it. But for some strange reason recently I decided to do a search on my name in "the other" search engines. And guess what popped up when I "Live Searched" my name? Yup, the Wells Fargo magazine issue with my short interview.

So it just goes to show you that it's important to regularly put your name through all the search engines, because different stuff comes up in them. Although passing the "Live Search" Test is no where near as catch as passing the Google Test.

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