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December 14, 2007

Why I Trust My Good Name to Wordtracker and Not Google

Recently I've been doing a great deal of keyword research, much more than I usually do. Partly because I went on a bit of a domain name shopping spree, and also in preparation for writing a few articles as well as a case study. So I really went into Wordtracker hard trying out different terms to find related keywords that I wouldn't normally come up with on my own.

For example here are a few related words that Wordtracker spit out for the term chocolate:

Chocolate and Oprah.jpg

These are just of a few of the words and phrases that Wordtracker came up with that somehow relate to the word chocolate. My favorite is "Oprah favorite things" there at #29. As I pointed out in one of the articles I wrote, I didn't make that up trying to be funny, blame that one on Wordtracker. Just out of curiosity I also checked out Google's free keyword selector tool to see what words they came up with for chocolate and they came up with many of the same words. Surprisingly enough, Oprah was no where to be found this time around.

After playing with a few other terms I got a little curious to see what Wordtracker and Google would spit out for my name. Here's where things got interesting. Here are some of the phrases Wordtracker came up with for brent leary:

Related keywords for Brent Leary.jpg

Now most of these make a lot of sense to me as I'm pretty heavily involved in crm, technology, web 2.0 and small business. And since I host a radio show it makes sense for that to be there. There were a few things missing in the top 20, like devilishly handsome, genius, and one of a kind, but I think they were just further down on the list.

Now compare this list with the list from Google's keyword selector tool:

Google leary.JPG

Um.....yeah.....this reads more like my Christmas card list to send out to family members, except most of these names aren't in my family and I don't send out Christmas cards. In fact I think Google gave my relative keywords instead of related ones, as the only thing that links me to these results is my last name. Nothing else.

So I was really kind of freaked out by this, so I decided to run one more test and see what Google would spit out for crm:

Google crm.JPG

Well if it wasn't for the last entry, call center jobs, I would have said it looks like they just found words with the term crm in it. But still I needed to see what Wordtracker came back with:

Wordtracker crm.JPG

Once again Wordtracker came back with a much more varied list of related phrases. So I'd have to say I definitely feel more comfortable with the Wordtracker results, even if I do have to put out a few bucks compared to Google's freebie. If you're heavy into keyword research you may want to consider it to.

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