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November 20, 2007

Podcast Series Conversation with Webex's Diane Davidson - Part One

It's been a long time in between posts.....not good.....I know. But I wasn't just being lazier than usual. I just got back from a great trip to Silicon Valley and plan to do a series of blogs on what I did, who I visited and what I think some of the things I found out will mean to small businesses in the near and short term.

One of the main reasons for heading west was to join Diane Davidson, who leads the customer community development efforts for Webex, in a three part series on how small business folks can build "web cred" and have potential customers find them when they're looking for products and services they provide. I had an absolutely great time with Diane and her team member Holly Valdez, discussing a whole bunch of stuff around Web 2.0 and how small businesses can jump in and put it to use. I also pulled in Anil Dash of Six Apart to join us on the last podcast.

Webex is a great example of how businesses of any size can embrace Web 2.0 to create an atmosphere for collaborating and communicating with people you may want to do business with, and not just throwing Marketing 1.0 messaging at us in a fancy new way. If you get a chance and are interested in a great example of how to put together a virtual community, check out http://community.webex.com when you get a chance. There's a lot of great information, most of which is not marketing specific, but really good information about how to use SaaS to reach more people, and reach them in a more comfortable, collaborative way.

Below is the first in the series. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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