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November 29, 2007

I Have My iTV,,,Yes America Its Come To This

A few weeks back BusinessWeek had a cover story on the rise of internet tv. Yesterday was the debut of my new Internet tv show on The Profitability Channel. It's called Tech Talk and its definitely still in its formative stages. It won't take you long to figure that one out if you check it out, as I fumble all over the place at the beginning trying to talk, flip powerpoint slides, listen to my guest (we'll get to him in a minute) and listen to the production folks in my ear piece.

Since I've been interviewing folks every week for the past year I didn't think I would have any issues with that, and I didn't for the most part. My initial downfall was trying to work the slides while interviewing somebody. I couldn't do it....which really irks me as I'm a pretty good multitasker. But my biggest mistake was thinking that flipping the slides would be as easy as it is with powerpoint, but the software we're using to present the slides for the tv show isn't quite as easy, and I just couldn't do it while trying to talk and listen. Thank goodness the production folks bailed me out and took that over. In fact we had to work out a system for me to let them know when to flip the slides, so I started giving them a "thumbs up" while off camera to let them know to move to the next slide.

The next trick was being able to listen and "conversate" with my guest, while listening and communicating with the production folks. That was tougher than I thought, because I was really trying to listen to my guest so I could ask relevant questions. But I also didn't want to look distracted or like I was bored, because I wasn't.

With all that said, I think the first edition of Tech Talk was successful. And I credit my guest, Jeff Stibel, for helping me make it through the maiden voyage. Jeff is the president of Website Pros, and he was the perfect guest for the topic of the first show, Building an Effective Presence on the Web. I knew Jeff would be great because he knows his stuff and is a really engaging speaker, which I learned of when I had him on my radio show earlier this year. So I needed at least one certainty going into the show and Jeff didn't let me down. Thanks Jeff!

So folks if you do get a chance to check out the show, Building an Effective Presence on the Web, let me know what you think. Eventually this will be an call-in/ instant messaging show, so I need all the constructive criticism I can get my hands on.

FYI... you will be asked to enter your name and email address to view the program. The folks at the station don't spam you, they just want to get a sense for who's crazy enough to watch me.


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