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October 24, 2007

Just What The World Needed....Me on Internet TV

Well trying to pass myself off as a "web 2.0" guy will be moving to all new level starting next month as I will be hosting a new internet television show on www.iBusinessChannel.com. It will be a 30 minute program with the current working title of Tech Talk which (what a shock, me talking about technology

To get a sense of how this will look I can point you to the show I just hosted on the network as a trial run called Cover Story. I interviewed Tom Vass, author of the Predicting Technology, an interesting new book about how technology impacts regional economic markets. I had to break out the micro and macroeconomic books from the days of yore to try to understand some of the things in Tom's book and to be able to ask a few intelligent questions. I guess things worked out well as Tom gave my interviewing skills a passing grade. You can check me out doing my impersonation of Tavis Smiley at the link below.

Cover Story - http://www.OnTheRibbon.com/videoplayer.php?ep=1632

So now you've been warned...

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