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January 30, 2007

January '07 CRM On Demand Traffic Rankings

Well, I'm still trying to figure exactly what I want to do with this going forward, but I didn't want a month to go by without taking a look at what's going on with the on demand vendor's traffic rankings. As you will see I added a column showing the December traffic ranking numbers from a competitor of Alexa called Compete.com. First things first.....roll the disclaimers.....

"Not that this is any official way of ranking the on-demand CRM providers but I was sort of curious to see the Alexa (and now Compete.com) rankings of some of the players."

Vendor Jan-07 Dec-06 1 Mnth Chg % Change 3 Mnth % Change 12/06 Compete.com
Salesforce 1,493 1,306 187 -14.32% -20.79% 7,203
NetSuite 6,785 6,798 13 0.19% -3.56% 3,842
Rightnow 57,835 49,738 8,097 -16.28% -32.79% 19,515
Salesboom 81,207 69,144 12,063 -17.45% -83.38% 973,603
FreeCRM 100,150 89,256 10,894 -12.21% -37.14% n/a
Leadmaster 135,341 146,627 11,286 7.70% -24.05% n/a
SageCRM 159,874 171,901 12,027 7.00% 13.52% n/a
Entellium 162,805 148,790 14,015 -9.42% -32.90% 256,884
Oracle OnDemand 221,472 186,717 34,755 -18.61% -68.63% 287,384

Man I'm glad I did take a look at this. Taking a look at just the Alexa data, SageCRM followed up last month's strong move upward with another good month. So it looks like they have some real momentum going for them. Leadmaster had a nice month as well. It's actually sort of nice to see these upward moves, just so we have some contrast to the continual down slide of Oracle OnDemand. I've been doing these monthly rankings for about seven months now and Oracle OnDemand is the only one of the vendors above that has never had a monthly gain in their traffic ranking. In fact the first post Oracle had a rather respectable ranking of 64,798. Just from a relativity standpoint, comparing Oracle to itself, this drop is really unbelievable. But taken in context of a group with all others have gone up and down during the course of seven months, it wouldn't make sense that Oracle is looked in some unique way, unless Alexa has something personal against Larry. But after looking at these numbers, I may have to look into that possibility.

The real interesting thing here is the Compete.com column, in particular the fact that NetSuite leapfrogs Salesforce in their rankings. Salesboom's extremely high ranking may be a factor of them just hitting Compete.com's radar screen, as the smaller players on the list (FreeCRM and LeadMaster) don't even have a ranking. I'm also thinking that SageCRM hasn't been out long enough to get a ranking. But again, look who's bringing up the rear of the vendors who've been around the longest in the on demand space.....Oracle OnDemand. We'll see what we find next month as we'll have some more Compete.com data to work with. One thing I like about Compete is the results pages really look great.

Here's a chart from Compete.com's site that compares how they gather data to Alexa:

Compete Alexa
Unique Visitor Estimates Yes No
Site Rankings Yes Yes
Active Monthly Panel Size 2,000,000+ Unpublished
Normalization Methodology Multi-dimensional scaling (Age, Income, Gender, Location) Raw counts (Not normalized)
Sources ISPs Alexa Toolbar Users
Compete Toolbar Users
Opt-In Panels
Application Providers
Geographic Focus U.S. International
Reporting Timeframe Monthly Daily

Until next time.......

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