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December 21, 2006

December 2006 On Demand CRM Alexa Rankings

Hello and welcome to the holiday edition of the rankings! I know it's been a while in between posts for me here. I'm not a total slacker. I've been working hard on getting our radio show ("Technology For Business $ake" for those not in the know) website up and running. I've also been posting on the show blog so you may also want to check out the stuff there. I'm in the process of trying to figure my blogging strategy for next year and how to divvy up the stuff I write because I plan on blogging in both places. And I definitely will continue to the "the Rankings" here as it is by far the most read series of entries for the blog. The single most popular entry remains my book review on the Postsecret book by Frank Warren.

This is the last ranking of the year, and next year I will be beefing up the rankings with new indicators and expanding the list of services providers as their some small vendors making some noise that deserve to be included. But let's get to the latest check....But first let's roll the disclaimer:

"Not that this is any official way of ranking the on-demand CRM providers but I was sort of curious to see the Alexa rankings of some of the players."

Here's a list of a few of the big name on-demand providers, and some you may not be aware of, and their Alexa ratings for today and what they were three months ago (click image to see graph):

december alexa.GIF

Some thoughts........

Salesforce.com keeps moving right along with a small drop in their traffic rankings. Nothing alarming here at all, in fact they just keep distancing themselves from the pack. All I can say is more companies need to look at how their strategy of adding customers through community building and using Web 2.0 techniques and technologies. I've already applauded them for their blogging strategies, but they are also ahead of the game in terms of integrating social sites into their strategies. All you need to do is check out www.slideshare.net (the YouTube or Flickr of presentation sharing). You will be able to find most if not all of the presentations from Dreamforce loaded on this site...and people are viewing the presentations like crazy. So do you think that may drive a few folks to www.salesforce.com? Just another way Salesforce is lapping the field. You have to wonder when the field will get tired of being left behind and Inherit The Web...2.0.

RightNow and Salesboom have been trading places over the last few months and this month is no different, with RightNow jumping back in front of Salesboom. What's different this time around is the huge drop Salesboom had this month in their ranking. I was looking to see if there was anything that would point to reasons for this dramatic drop but didn't find anything. If someone does come across anything please let me know.

One big bright spot this month is SageCRM.com with almost an 8% increase in their rankings, moving them ahead of Oracle. That increase also made their three month rank change next to nothing, which is really incredible when you think of the ground they lost the prior two months. Was there a "blue light special" or something? Maybe more people are understanding where SageCRM fits into the product offerings? I tend to believe it was the posting of my ACT!/BlackBerry demo on the Sage site that did it (go down to August 24th posting! OK probably not...Congrats goes to them. We'll see if they can build on that momentum next month.

And then there's Oracle. What can you say about them. Another huge monthly loss in their ranking, landing them in last place. Three month loss in rankings of more than 56%. You have to think that churn may be a prime reason for some of this. Also I don't know if they are getting their message out to the SMB community, who are really jumping into CRM. They really need to re-think their approach to this market, as their are a number of vendors with interesting product mixes and lower price points that will make it hard to compete. Not to mention the "no software" guys sitting in the catbird seat.

So there you have it. Since I've been doing this for six months I will be posting a six month look at this, and boy you will see some real eye openers in the traffic patterns.

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