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September 12, 2006

The SMB's Most Trusted Advisor: Their SEM/SEO Advisor

Canadian-based SMB segment advisory firm Warrilow puts out a weekly newsletter. Their latest included some really interesting information from a recent Marketing Sherpa study that found sole practitioners surveyed are allocating 58% of the marketing budget for search engine marketing, compared to larger enterprises who will spend only 7% of the marketing budget this way. Now of course many small businesses have marketing budgets that don't even hit four digits...and some don't hit three digits for that matter...so even a 7% allocation by larger companies will dwarf the total dollars spent by smaller shops. But it's the fact that small businesses are gravitating towards SEM that's important. Once again thank the Internet for leveling the playing field and making it possible for smaller businesses to reach wider audiences, as most SMBs can't afford to buy television air space or print ad space to reach the masses. With the growing dependence on the Internet to drive business, it looks like their will be an ever growing dependence on knowledgeable and trustworthy SEM/SEO advisors.

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