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September 23, 2006

The Return of DJ Brenton C to the Airways

Back in the stone ages when dinosaurs roamed the earth and cavemen were still on their quest for fire (You remember the '80s, don't you?), I was starting my college career at the University of Delaware. At the time the school radio station was WXDR and they didn't have a show catering to it's growing black student population....we made up about 2%. Anyway I was apart of the first group of disc jockeys that made up the show we called After Hours which aired weekdays from Midnight - 3AM, which made it almost impossible to make those 8AM classes freshman have to take. Anyway all of us involved had to come up with DJ names for the show. Get a load of these gems:

  • The Smooth Operator (This guy liked Sade so much he played that song every show he did for two years)
  • Melo J (he thought Mellow J was corny, but Melo was OK I guess)
  • Iced - T (not to be confused with Ice-T. At the time this caused quite the controversy across campus)
  • Mike Magic
  • DJ Chuckie C (he put a lot of thought into this. Guess what his first name is...)
  • DJ Dave (he spent as much time thinking his name up as Chuckie C)
  • DJ Brenton C (My full name is Brenton Craig Leary....need I say more?)

On my show I mixed and scratched all sorts of hip-hop (think Public Enemy, EPMD, BDP, Eric B & Rakim...) and house music (think Jackmaster Farley, Chip E., Ten City, Fast Eddie, Adeva...). I even went so far as to put my own rap production together, featuring me rapping, mixing and scratching over T La Rock's song Breakdown....which was fitting because that's what my rap career did right out of the gate. Needless to say I have not attempted that since then, and haven't been in a radio studio since graduating in 1989. But today at 3PM ET I am making my return to the airwaves, but don't worry, there's no need to hide the women and children. Dwight Hunter of Exodus to Financial Freedom, a new BusinessRadio1160.com talk radio station program, has invited me to come in and talk about the importance for small businesses to begin using technology to help drive businesses. We'll also be touching on topics like customer relationship management, whether there is still a digital divide, and the impact of technology on economic development. Those outside of the ATL who want to listen in, please feel free to check it out over the web at BusinessRadio1160.com. I'll have a link to the recorded program when it is available for those who have stuff to do.

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