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August 14, 2006

PayPal Gets Big Assist From Google

I was just checking out July's categorized top ten search list that was put together by Hitwise, one the leader's in online competitive intelligence. In the automotive manufacturing category the big three of Japan (Toyota, Honda and Nissan in that order) lead the way....but that was before the "Ask Dr. Z." campaign really took off. And yes I happen to like Dr. Z, especially the commercial where he does a header with the soccer ball. Six of the top ten medical/pharmaceutical category searches centered around anti-depressants (lexapro, cymbalta and zoloft among others). Some of the other leaders in that category center around appetite suppressants and that old favorite viagra. The top search term in the internet advertising category was "work from home", with a whopping 20% of internet ad searches....man do people hate life in cubicles and commuting. In the blog and personal web site category it was all about Xanga, of which I had never heard of before viewing this site. But it had the top three spots in this category - xanga, xanga.com and www.xanga.com.

As a guy who's getting more and more into SEM/SEO I find this stuff pretty interesting. But what really caught my attention was the IT/internet category. Paypal not only had the top spot with 4.35% of the total searches, it had four of the top ten searches - paypal, paypal.com, www.paypal.com and pay pal. So with Google owning 50% of the search market, there's a lot of folks getting to Paypal from the new evil empire. So maybe eBay didn't have to ban Google Checkout from their payment options after all. Well I guess only time will tell on that one. We'll see what Hitwise will have to say next month.


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